Friday, February 10, 2012

Pre-Drywall Inspection Complete!

We met with our PM today and had an awesome walk-through.  Lots of progress inside the house since we were there last.  All of the HVAC is in place and most of the electrical was run.  We got to see locations of all our outlets, vents, returns, lights, fans, etc.   The bath tubs were in and the fireplace was delivered. 

 While we were there we determined that we could actually fit a flat screen TV on a kitchen wall (we really wanted a TV in the kitchen) so we did a change order to add an outlet and cable jack.  Our PM was awesome, answered all our questions and went through the remaining of the schedule in detail.  He also gave us really good news, he is targeting 3/29 for settlement!   That is next month!!!!  

We also met the electrician who was extremely helpful, he pointed out to us that due to the location of the main electrical panel (over garage slab) we would run into problems if we wanted to build out the basement later (our intention all along / alarming that this never came up before).  He suggested that they bring wiring and 2 breakers down into the basement to allow for future expansion (and our PM said he would cover that)... so I was extremely happy with that outcome.  

I took over a hundred photos, tried to capture every interior wall so that in theory I would know what is behind each one of my walls!   

Next week we will have final inspections and insulation along with some progress on the siding.  Week after that is drywall time.  

Looking out the front of our house...

Love the garage door!

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